by Dee the Conscious One



"Those two last years were not easy for me personally, for my family, for my country... And it took me alot to get all my thoughts together, put the pen to the pad and stay cold while I'm doing this. The whole album is like manifest to all them things that held me down: the Culture, the connection, the process and the people. Basically, you're bout to discover Dee's inspiration - #DEENSPIRATION..."

P.S. Endless love to my girls Helen and Caroline...


1. Deentro (prod. by Price Beats)
2. Flyest Material (prod. By Rashyd of Ghetto Blasta, cuts by DJ Jeremy Star)
3. Rush (feat. M-Tri, prod. by Sinuz, cuts by DJ Leecy T)
4. Inspiration (feat. Dialect, prod. by KyLЯ, cuts by Rashyd of Ghetto Blasta)
5. No Rest (feat. Q the Kurst One, prod. by DJ Marrrtin of Funky Bijou)
6. Unsung Hero (feat. M-Tri, Jake Lef, Krok Spet, prod. by DJ Muki, cuts by DJ Leecy T)
7. Flow Betta (feat. Price of tha Rhythm, prod. by KyLЯ)
8. The Teacher, The Warrior (feat. Progress Evolution, prod. by Chamber Beats)
9. One (feat. Q the Kurst One, prod. by Klim Beats)
10. Years & Buildin’ (feat. Dead Laim, prod. by Rahyd of Ghetto Blasta, cuts by DJ Technic)
11. Tape Era (prod. by Sunniq, cuts by DJ Shipa)

Recorded at Phrank Roc.
Mixed by KyLЯ (1, 5, 7, 8, 11), Sunniq (2, 4, 9, 10), Sinuz (3) and DJ Muki (6)
Mastered by DJ Jeremy Star at Aura Music (KP, Ukraine)
Artwork by Smek One of One Cru


Booking and features: deekickit@gmail.com
Social Media:


released April 23, 2016



all rights reserved


Dee the Conscious One Ukraine

Mad Cypha - crew formed in early 2005. Currently operating within 2 emcees: Dee the Conscious One (formerly D.E.C.) and Dead Laim. Over the years of work members produced 5 videos, 10 audio releases, participated in dozens of festivals, appeared on numerous events of various sizes. Organized the Ukrainian festival «Underground» and International Hip Hop festival «Represent». ... more

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Track Name: Flyest Material
No doubt, U don’t know what it’s about
Anybuddy wanna props but ain’t nobuddy goes the teacher’s rout
To teach’em how we get skillz nowadays man
Originality’s the bottom line and the basement

(No replacement!) That’s why U recognize the steez
Whether u see it in da vidz or just hear it on the cdz
Or mp3z… or even tags on them canvases
Of empty streets… full of teks, tools and languages

Yo… It’s neva been about the best copy, cat’s stop it
Why ya’ll tryin’ to bring the second hand hip and hop in?
Which cru’s the maddest, who got the illest status
Fuck the flava in ya ears like Craig Mack neva said it

U neva had it, why U claimin’ all dat
Wanna see the real Hip Hop, son? “So check the cassette” (Scratch)
And pay homage! At least u gotta show some respect
To all the elders we declare architects! (Zulute!)

And that’s a fact it ain’t no future wit no past
We mutually pro-gress and I’m signin’ for no less
(That’s why) Um still wit Ghetto Blasta blazin’em beats
My man Smack hook me up we boutta mazin’em streets

“Give it to U 24\7” on the spills and spits
Flyest material dat’s real indeed!
(Uhhhh…) We got the steel and outta take it to peeps
Let’em know dat we playin for keeps…
Track Name: Inspiration (feat. Dialect)
Man I’m inspired by them thangs that would never change
I’m on fire that just came out of little flame
So I’ll be trying to maintain cause it’s all the same
Whether u represent Australia or Ukraine
Forget the frames cause the map is getting’ bigger
I’m seriously sorry for them ones who couldn’t figure
Look! The world is larger then your project or your laptop
Locked up between the margines, man, it ain’t hip hop
I’m ready to pop some wisdom caps to the melons
Inspired by the Knowledge Reigns Supreme not a Boy Tell’em
His nine elements complete the umbrella
That will keep me up in balance as well as my cerebellum
Hell I’m amazed by the places where I’ve never been
Peeps I’ve never seen, situations I was never in
From the age of seventeen and I’m still a dreamer
Uplifted by Rakim’s flow and beats from Preemo
Hey yo! We pay respect to the architects
For those who built the legacy upon them actual facts
Connectin’ heads to inspire them cats out there
Dee the Conscious One, Dialect and Despair…
Track Name: No Rest (feat. Q the Kurst One)
No rest... until i feel the pump inside of my chest
Not the one to jumparound but u can still call me everlast
Cause I'm obsessed.... like Taliban with their terrorizm
Shit is strong enuff to go through any type of exorcism

Talkinrealizm like my brutha from medina
Nonbelievers get more public execution than a guillotine ... um...
Keeping it moving but i will do it my way
Andi may giv'em thirst like hot day in Zimbabwe

Ayo my mob way deeper than just two people
Cause i never thred them muthafuckaz like unequal
Call me a weak fool and u might neva speak again
Yo u can pick the fame but recognition ain't quick to gain

This new history U claimdat I ain’ fit it
Consider meone step ahead cuz it loves to be repeated
So… if um aboutta get rid of that stress
I’ll take a minute but u know it won’t last…
Track Name: Unsung Hero (feat. M-Tri & DJ Leecy T, Jake Lef, Krok Spet)
Ayo! It ain’t even funny
cause I feel like uma hostage of’em rappers
witta all eyez on them pretend to be a g’z and gunclappaz
when did we let it happen? As far as I know
emcee be the one who beats the gunblow using the fine flow

just having fun tho’… but yo, we still losin’ it
cause all’em young bro’s see it on tv and confusin it
hip hop?Yeah media knows how it looks right
and shows but it looks like the ghosts dat just took mics

but hook sights! Whether team or an army
You… shinys ain’nuttin but a bunch of anignorant dummies
and u remind me of what Um in this Culture for
bringin unity and fun to places dat was dull before

and I’ll be pure… regardless of a dirt on me
dat coming straight from the geniuses in skirts homie
um feeling thurst only… cause when u flip sides
Can u imagine what this music hides? Uhhh…
Track Name: Flow Betta (feat. Price of tha Rhythm)
Hey yo! ma flow betta then a beretta um spittin lead up
gettin rappaz fed up bust my shit to blow the head up
plus instead of countin all them cyllables and letters
i go ahead of those hu can't fuck witta subject matter

my flow is fatter and deffer and its growin bigga
u flow like water then uma liquor n um goin thicker
i gotta be quicker than any emcee dat be tryinna speak up
cause uma fan of da way dat my flow make'em sick onna mic like dey havin a hickups

uhh! um less freestyle than written
but when um rippin dey be like Yo, dat's dat muthafukkah Dee spittin
Recognize! the style i flow remains honorable
provided way before my birth and dat's tha whole drama fool

call it a giant though i neva met Showbiz
but even in New Zealand bruthas know how dope it is
... Psych emceez turn to copycats
hip hop ain't shit cause dey lookin fo sum stuff dey didn't copy yet

ain' no regrets - emceez come n' go
even tho' were screamin down fo life long time ago!
know what the dif between ma classic and yo fashion iz
ya'll bunch of rookies... and uma diplomated specialist! I flow betta!

Wanna give a shout out to ma man Ra - one of the illest spits ever!
Hope to hear from U again, ahk! Peace!


Hey yo! I flow better, just like the predators supposed to!
Мій флоу потужніший від атомного холокосту!
I flow better! І з моїм стилем не так все просто!
Cause most of them rappers ain't even close to!
Track Name: The Teacher, The Warrior (feat. Progress Evolution)
I put my fist above my head because i'm u-born
A new form of wisdom and it's sharper than a wu swarm
a true storm whether i perform or just building
... leavin' nonbelievers leaking on a battlefield! and
teach our children to respect the elders
make choices in this life to be kings without being Elvis
andi can spell this even if i'm just awaken
Zulu nation stands for knowledge and its deeper than just education
i practice teaching and i never had no license
buti'll spend my time on giving wisdom till my life ends
willing to represent and base it on experience
I’m dead serious! And I ain’t trying to change, period!
A yo! Um out to train myself so call me Jedi
And if I had a … choice I’d still pick a peace instead of
The piece of cheddar. Cause all it takes to be better
Once in a lifetime forget about the crooked letter
So Z’s up! Peace to Ahkis and Malikas
To my warriors and speakers, culture keepers and truth seekers
It ain’ no secret… but well known –
to each his own and Zulus gon’ be teachin after battlezone!


Theysayitstoomuch, theysayItwontlast
Just! Leaveituptomewhile I bedoingmybest

Verse II

Hey yo! We can't disconnect dis culture from the roots
Cause we took responsibility to form our youth
...And seek the truth! ... Then pick the proof
to show that rotten media is lying to you
Factology versus beliefs! ... Ma family
steadily growing up from nineteen seventy three
as... Humanity free to discrete their own breed
Zulu Nation's down to keep the values to community
Indeed! We stand in ... wisdom, understanding
knowledge is the king and each about to add in
Knamean! ... Brothers need to learn their lessons
overcome the negativity and count their blessings
andpass'em... throughout the ages to maintain
the Culture that came of Bronx Houses to Ukraine
in chain! I remain the section of one
in the name of Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun! Word iz bond!
Track Name: One (feat. Q the Kurst One)
Hey yo! It’s time to drop sumthan’ fo’ them heads out there
Kinda sip of fresh air in polluted atmosphere
So I swear… them cats hu refuse to take care
Of the One no need to front we just want U up n’ outtahere!

Anotha words representation be tha main shit
Fo those hu fakin’ jacks I guarantee the time violation
It ain’ no game so u should try the relocation
Picked the wrong train? U betta bounce on a nex station

Ya’ll cats be catchin’ hella miseducation
Yo, um nut Jamal but seems to me we have a situation
Instead of peeps hu gifted witta main ingredient
Nowadays I see a bunch of dummies n’ comediants

Dey need the fans hu adore’em (what?)
But on the real the real dey disrespect and ignore’em
Ain’ no doubt to show n’ prove takes alot n’
Those hu gettin’ rotten soon o’ later gonna be forgotten

So when it starts to get the logical way
Phonies tryin to relate witta movement and participate
U know what’s funny at the end of a day?
Cats appeal to the Culture’s name… (but it’s too late)


Hip Hop headz ya’ll betta take it as ONE
Not separated and divided but ONE
No doubt u gotta choose ya element son
But on a general u better represent it as ONE

It’s Q the Kurst and he’s got it as ONE
Dee the Conscious – I be keeping it ONE
We choose emceeing as the element, son
But yo! we still representin hip-hop as ONE!
Track Name: Years & Buildin’ (feat. Dead Laim)
Yo it’s the one of the most underrated, Ukraine’s greatest
The group dat u love to show your jealousy and hate at
Cats ya’ll betta fade back, wack rappaz get payback
(Nah) Dis ain’t MOP… but yo, U will catch that Fame Slap

The same slept on brothers from another…
Yo! we hang around but still deeper then an undercover
and still liver … on stage or the cypher
wise enuff to pick and civilize an average eightyfiver

The group of divers, obviously Frooklyn’s finest
Givin mad props to everyone who ever stood behind us
To oltymerz and some newjacks who true’and’livin
If they come correct than respect is all due and given'

Hey yo, L! Can u believe its been decade
Since we came and started to eliminate these weak lames
those sick names up in the hit list
maaan I need to spit this we made'em fall apart just like syphilis

yo! how that shit flips... remember us battlin?
would u even imagine us in same boat paddlin
insane both, rebellin... reminiscin that tyme
i wanted to sound like Sticky and Nine, U like Biggie and Shyne

man, it was diggin to find our own steelo
Willing to design a flow with soul by the kilos (and steel)
Stay on our pryme jus like Royce next to Preemo
But its Dee and Dead Laim and we always Keepin it reel tho!

So how u feel bro? I know u wanna add some
Although we never had funds fa show we had some mad fun
Um lookin back son… and I ain frontin
We dem keepers of the art of makin something outta nothin

There is no prophet on his land so we never claimed
To rep Ukrainian hip hop, instead of hip hop from Ukraine
Straight up like Wu Tang we do it for the children
P.S. The Maaad Cypha. Ten years and still buildin’
Track Name: Tape Era
Um from that tapes era when dey was rewinded by pencil
From back inna days I was a fan and um a fan still
And I remain ill. Let me letcha know tha deal
I will check some new but yo I gotta recognize real

So I can feel alotta music from internet
But closer to me still the ones that I heard from cassette
Playin it back to forth, forth to back
Tryina collect as much records as um able jack

But nowadays cats don’t appreciate nuthan
… matter of fact dey came up wit some new shit and start frontin
callindem old hiphoppaz a dinosaurs
u look like u hear tha sound unable to find a source

dissinyaself by the name of Billy Milligan
betta be chillin man o’ discover ya caps peeled again
snap-back!we should call u a sily pelican
for biting more than swallow even tho when u feel u can’t

Whoa! My shit be definitely travelin
Better yet them tape era headz be definitely rebellin
Dey call me Conscious One so put this to your documents
U wanna shit dat’srockin’ then… I recommend the Tape Era…