Flow Betta (Single)

by Dee feat. Ціна Ритму



Produced by KyLЯ


released September 27, 2014



all rights reserved


Dee the Conscious One Ukraine

Mad Cypha - crew formed in early 2005. Currently operating within 2 emcees: Dee the Conscious One (formerly D.E.C.) and Dead Laim. Over the years of work members produced 5 videos, 10 audio releases, participated in dozens of festivals, appeared on numerous events of various sizes. Organized the Ukrainian festival «Underground» and International Hip Hop festival «Represent». ... more

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Track Name: Flow Betta
Hey yo! ma flow betta then a beretta um spittin lead up
gettin rappaz fed up bust my shit to blow the head up
plus instead of countin all them cyllables and letters
i go ahead of those hu can't fuck witta subject matter

my flow is fatter and deffer and its growin bigga
u flow like water then uma liquor n um goin thicker
i gotta be quicker than any emcee dat be tryinna speak up
cause uma fan of da way dat my flow make'em choke onna mic like dey havin a hickups

uhh! um less freestyle than written
but when um rippin dey be like Yo, dat's dat muthafukkah Dee spittin
Recognize! the style i flow remains honorable
provided way before my birth and dat's tha whole drama fool

call it a giant though i neva met Showbiz
but even in New Zealand bruthas know how dope it is
... Psych emceez turn to copycats
hip hop ain't shit cause dey lookin fo sum stuff dey didn't copy yet

ain' no regrets - emceez come n' go
even tho' were screamin down fo life long time ago!
know what the dif between ma classic and yo fashion iz
ya'll bunch of rookies... and uma diplomated specialist! I flow betta!

Wanna give a shout out to ma man Ra - one of the illest spits ever!
Hope to hear from U again, ahk! Peace!


Hey yo! I flow better, just like the predators supposed to!
Мій флоу потужніший від атомного холокосту!
I flow better! І з моїм стилем не так все просто!
Cause most of them rappers ain't even close to!