Main Ingredient

by D.E.C. & MC T



Dynamic duo of englishspeaking and russianspeaking emcees from Ukraine. Joined their forces to drop some knowlegde about Hip Hop Culture in Golden Age manner...

Written by D.E.C. & MC T
Produced by Ghetto Blasta
Scratch by DJ Shon (Exlibris)
Recorded at Blitzkrieg Records
Mixed & Mastered by Stepman
Photo by Natasha Sadovskaya, Pasha Borisko
Design by Spurlos


released June 5, 2011



all rights reserved


Dee the Conscious One Ukraine

Mad Cypha - crew formed in early 2005. Currently operating within 2 emcees: Dee the Conscious One (formerly D.E.C.) and Dead Laim. Over the years of work members produced 5 videos, 10 audio releases, participated in dozens of festivals, appeared on numerous events of various sizes. Organized the Ukrainian festival «Underground» and International Hip Hop festival «Represent». ... more

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Track Name: Intro
I told Ya’ll, dat wuz only tha beginning Furreel, tha struggling continues So we takin back the real Hip-Hop… And everybuddy’z lookin fo tha main ingridient
Knowledge, wisdom, understanding, Love, peace, unity n’ havin fun, Respect, equality, realness, Hard work n’ people… be tha main ingredient.
Tell’em T !!!

Tha message, tha lesson, tha flava n’ tha essence
History ov Culture from past to the presence
Tha question is do we need this evolution
From the reel type classic to tha plastic kind new shit

Whuss it to U ? duz it really make a sence
Witta whole lotta representatives n’ not enuff fans
It’s nut that way, so tell the mass media
D.E.C. n’ MC T droppin’… tha main ingredient! BOOM!
Track Name: Evolution
The question remains. Whuss goin on wit Hip-Hop nowadayz
Rap artists don’ appreciate them Cultural thangs
Them youngbloodz gittin played by the A&Rs n’labels
Sign a contract, cuz yo check iz onna table…
N they do! Wishin on a supastar moment
But this swag shit got’em so blind - dey be far from it
I can try to put maselv in oldtimers boots
Way back inna dayz when oldskool had a juice
MCz… dey used to have talent n style
Had a fresh rhyme dat’ make the crowd goin’ wild
At tha club, at the park, (inna) mornin’ whether afterdark
Onna beatbox, acapella, unplugged.
Dey started to put alotta work in a musik
To make it so original n’ bring sumthin’ new to it
Dey kept on movin’ so tha fresh became fat
Juice became a flava, and a freestyle became rap
The same time when a trueskool wuz forming
industry starts to snatchin’ representativez off the corners
ceremonymastaz turning to a product
studio producers make’em look like dey all brothers
Word to mutha, flow n’skillz ain’ even matter
the bigga the swagga the betta the rapper - so whuteva!
And whut We have at the end of a Golden Age
Lab digital rappers hu neva saw a stage?
Whutta shame! This music be losin MCz
Evolution u’ll say, but do we need it like this?

Think about it… do we really need it like this?
Track Name: Not That Way
Dey sayin Golden Age is gone so we movin’ on
We change tha industry n’ bring it to the newest form
Come on… iz U furreal thought U got it
Bust the fact dat the industry iz fludded by the cheap product
N’ everybuddy wanna ack like he’z tryinna swag
But this fashion ass rappaz braggin, plus dey sound wack
Or even beta while a track’z playin’ on a back
Dey open mowf like that fish onna cookers deck
I luw Hip-Hop becuz it’s live onna scene
But them nuwadayz MCz forgot tha meanin’ of an emceein’
DJz forgot aboutta scratchin n’ samplin’
Breakaz wanna separate, writers gotta same plan
I understand all the soloist ambitions
But the part ov sumthan great iz a simple humanbein’ wishin
So U can gain a recognition ov a hundreds
But miss the million fans ov Hip-Hop, leave’em hungry
I disagree witta ones hu said it’s dyin
Cuz I feed them deep roots from ma source dat iz not dryin
So why U tryinna push a Culture to a grave
It’s officially not that way… knowumsayin’
Track Name: Quality Control
MCing iz not only speakin those dumb ass rhymes dat u wrote about yo hard life inna hood, knowumsayin?

Rappaz are phony! Ya’ll can take it as a testimony
(I would) suw that bastards claimin dey be Mastas of a Ceremony
Ya betta show me why dey callin’ U MC
Cause I ain’ seein nuthan dat’ll prove dat U really be
I’ve heard yo demo but it soundz like a millon
I betcha frends be postin datcha shine like a brilliant
U betta chill man! Cuz youTube iz laughin
Like “oh, my God, iz he furreal thinks dat he’z rappin”
Tha first problem. it’s a music datcha can’t hear
Fuck a bear ya gotta elephant on yo both ears
As U appear at the stage – I be bouncing
Cuz U forgot tha half alphabet datcha ain’t pronouncing
Hey yo, Um nut even try to diss yo topics
most ov’em I heard n’ dis ain’t nuttin but a cheap copies
N’ I’ll be damm if u know a lil’ sumthan
Ov a Culture dat this music be the rhythm ov a heart pumpin
No doubt ‘em rappaz just need sumbuddy to tell’em
Dat representin meanz feelin’ and sum born talent
U cant sell it! It’s more than your record deal
Tha rap needs a quality control to keep it real!
Track Name: Not Enuff Fans

To all them breakaz, to all them DJz
Them beatboxers, MCz onna stage
Graffiti writerz, tell me whuss tha plan
How U gonna represent… without bein a fan.

Verse: D.E.C.

… n’ I fed up wit that shit like Big L wuz
them half ass rappaz tryin 2 act like they (be) famous
if u sa nameless – dey be ignorin
n’ I saw ‘em only at the partys where dey be performin
The else is borin’. But here’s ta question buddy
How U gonna be respected if U don’ respect nobody?
Nuw U be shoutin one love but ya need help
Cause all U keep is one love to your one self
Man, u dumm, def n’ blind to the history
So Hip-Hop to U it ain’t tha same whut it meanz to me
Seemz to be - rappaz lost flava
How many jams did u heard like dis, dey all ma favourite
We keep it classic but appreciate them basics
mad salutations to tha peeps hu built tha Foundations
Zulu Nation, Rocksteady, Buzy Bee
Herc, Master Flash n’ the rest of them pioneers
Hip-hop needs representatives hu love it
Dhose hu havin’ fun at tha same time when sprayin knowledge
Withoutta doubt I take a Culture as a unit
Cuz Um nut a person fan – Uma fan ov the Movement
Track Name: What's It to U
Dey say Hip-Hop in UA is fo them kids n’ Um not wondered
Cause 85 percent ov rappaz iz 20 o’ younger
Most ov ‘em sure dat rap iz not a black music
A lot ov ‘em sure dat first group wus G-Unit…
Dat Hip-Hop meanz rap, and a rap is hustle
But hustle meanz G, so dat be tha whole puzzle
Whut U thought? Dat Hip-Hop iz gansta?
Lemme axe U couple questions dat’ll put them facts against ya.
Where do U think Hip-Hop started? Why MCz be proud of
Bein born in a South Bronx n’ dey loud about it?
Hu was tha man dat gave a name to dis movement?
How many years it took to make a product dat U now consuming?
Why do they call a b-boy as b-boy?
Whut’s tha difference between graffiti writer n’ a toy?
Who put The Zulu Nation all over the map
But nah, U won’t need none ov that, cuz U know rap
U saw rappaz gittin mo than U can imagine
But while’em chillin Culture keeps on loosin legends
U really think it’s all about gittin drunk
Smokin lye, blastin music, fuckin virgins in a backtrunk
I know whuss Hip-Hop to me so I show n’ prove
But tha question iz: whuss it to U ???
Track Name: Main Ingredient
It’s operation takin back Hip-Hop
Today representation needz much mo’ props
To drop the basic knowledge and sum actual facts
Dat’ll grow the understandin why we keep doin that
It’s fo them headz witta true wisdom
Of course dey do fo Hip-Hop so dey know Hip-Hop needs’em
‘cos U know it ain’t no smoke without flame
No scar withoutta pain - it ain’ no history without names
N’ dey wuz written to tha book for ages
Even time won’t erase’em cuz it’s down onna holy pages
From da stages n’ lights, cyphaz n’ mics
Representatives hu know how to do it right
Tha main ingredient are thou witta right flow
It doesn’ matter Park Jam or a live Show
b-boy session o’ tha whole train masterpiece
message from a Hercules – first in a recepiez
so we deliver dis thru them generations
fakerz tryinna bring sum innovations but it ain’t shit
they mixin elements, missed a lil’ thing
forgot to put themselves in… Kn’umean?
Track Name: Outro
Know this. Shouts out to all them representatives ov real Hip-Hop, to all them hip-hop MCz n’ DJz, hip-hop b-boyz n’ girlz, hip-hop beatboxerz n’ graffity writers, hip-hop beatmakers n’ producers in eight o fo n’ all ova tha world… keep on doin’ whutcha doin’… Peace n blessings to tha U-Born Ukraine-Russian Chapter Division n’ tha whole Universal Zulu Nation.
Special thanksgivin’ to ma bruthas Gheto Blasta n’ DL representin Tha Foundation
Ma man Dj Shon – tha champion kickit production…
Nuff respect to all them fans n’ supporters ov dis Culture
Cause all ya’ll blessed 2 be tha main ingredient.
See ya at the Infinity Lessons.