Тем Кто (Single)

by Брат-за-Брата feat. Mad Cypha



Collaboration with Брат-за-Брата for their album "Parabellum"
Produced, mixed & mastered by Met


released April 25, 2011



all rights reserved


Dee the Conscious One Ukraine

Mad Cypha - crew formed in early 2005. Currently operating within 2 emcees: Dee the Conscious One (formerly D.E.C.) and Dead Laim. Over the years of work members produced 5 videos, 10 audio releases, participated in dozens of festivals, appeared on numerous events of various sizes. Organized the Ukrainian festival «Underground» and International Hip Hop festival «Represent». ... more

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Track Name: 01 - Тем Кто (feat. Брат-за-Брата)
Verse IV (Dee the Conscious One)
We got hip-hop in it’s purest form, so check the essence
Bringin peace, unity n’ blessings like Zulu Lessons
No second guessin when it cumz to make a choice
Uma give ma recognition to them real McCoys

Hey yo! To those hut akin hip hop as a Culture
Represented then n’ still doin wild shit
Fo those hu chillin witta blasta onna corners
Чтобы слышали эту тему страны, города, раены

n' while um on it i'll be disconnectin' dummies
Hang'em like Saddamit's not a threat it's a promise
Um sending peace to oldtimers hip-hop's finest
Real representatives like me and Dead Laim is

The time iz now ain'no matter where the place be
Check tha base, beat and bump ya head untill your face bleeds
it's fothe streets, hoods, projects and blocks
Strictly for those who represents the Hip Hop