The Prints EP

by Dee The Conscious One



Tracks produced by Dee the Conscious One (1-7), KyLЯ (2,5-7), Миромен (1), Just Premi (2), Mixal (3), Sunniq (4), Стэпман (5), Slang (6).
Mixed & mastered by Миромен (1), DJ Tolsty (2), Partugaletzz (3), Sunniq (4), Slang (6) & KyLЯ (5,7).
Recorded at Phrank Roc Records, PPB Records.
Cover by M-Line Design.
All rights reserved.
Ukraine, Kyiv, 2013

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released September 14, 2013



all rights reserved


Dee the Conscious One Ukraine

Mad Cypha - crew formed in early 2005. Currently operating within 2 emcees: Dee the Conscious One (formerly D.E.C.) and Dead Laim. Over the years of work members produced 5 videos, 10 audio releases, participated in dozens of festivals, appeared on numerous events of various sizes. Organized the Ukrainian festival «Underground» and International Hip Hop festival «Represent». ... more

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Track Name: The Prints (feat. Миромен, Zombo)

I’m leavin’ prints on them walls of the memory
Cause when um gone, muthafuckaz won’t remember me
Um temporary – the art is everlastin’
umleavinya’ll the pieces of the gift that um blessed wit


How many artists dou know by the faces? Not much
How many faces dou know but they’re nameless? Whole lot
I mean they came here to be for themselves
Eat, sleep, shit, live just like anyone else!

Yes uma burn in hell as we all would
But once u felt u can be good then u gotta be good
So here I am… inside a hall of fame
Gotta hundreds of colours and paints to tag my name

And I would leave that game but it ain’t even a game no more
Ten years laid and umalay it again to score
Consider hardcore but uma renaissance artist
And I’ll be takin it back till my heart beats

I start to kickitwitta peeps who can paint
And dispictures gon be classic someday
Track Name: Nevastup (feat. Just Premi)

And if U still on a move then U still livin’
Lookin’ fo’ dem moments dat’ll keep your heart still beatin
U keepbreathin’ – not even minute to loose
No time fo rest to be the best and it feels good!

Verse: Dee

Yo, I’ve been down since dat day when we met
True dat I do appreciate them moments we had
Too bad, we were strangers when I was a little kid
But even now our diary got hella much pages to read

I did my way thru dem cyphers to stages
Thru dem battles to an international collaborations
I’ve been patient, seen those huain’ shit
Call me doctor when it comes to mutual relations

But I ain’ stand and I’ma keep on confuse dudes
Cause I refuse to share wit those huwanna use U
I used to have a deal witta bad habits
Them rats pretendin’ comrads and ‘em backstabbers

Now I can punch a pack of pepper and lunch a rapper
So crabs use advice and think twice if u step up!
Love it or leave it! Uma fan of Hip Hop, and
I can break to take a lil’ bref but I ain’ stoppin’
Track Name: Spray Art (feat. Oneski)
What if these artist spray the art for those hu don’t appreciate it
Refuse to understand and even probably afraid of
Dey call it unnative, dey all just can’t take it
As tha way of life for those hu’s creative

But we were made out to lead never follow
No matter how low we fall – we still streamin’ our flow
U know! So check the one for those who just awoke
Uma prick ya like a coak, hey yo, it ain’t no joke!

I spoke to’em dummies, dat was act like dey were smart
Takin art as a freedom, and startin disregard
Basic parts.Damn if ya’ll forgot about the work hard
U’sa little man witta plan like a Bonapart

We bone apart all your skeletons in closets
U’ve set alotta frames but now it’s time to pulverize’em
We got the eyez, ears and none of us is dumb
So We go spray the art because new dayz are come…
Track Name: Nobuddy Muvz (feat. Стэпман & Тулим)
Um so annOyed by the peeps and their vIsion
Cause they be paranOyed by my Culture and relIgion
So each and everyone figure that I mess with
Gotta stress quick and point the finga on my ass (shiiiit)

Yes, um original! Yes, um intelligent!
Yes, um the one who represents the 9 elements!
Yes, um the hella man! Yes, I got hella soul
Yes, I keep my maaaaad anger ... under mad control!

To letcha know dat um’a keep it on a D.L.
Um for re-al. Never acted like female.
Without a doubt, we gotta clear the situation
I ain’t tryin’ to bust my ass to fit your expectations

Seemz to me that you’ll need an information
Dial four-eleven and ask the questions if you have’em
Dee… the Conscious One! and it’s a fact that um the Man
Nobuddy moves – nobuddy gets hurt, now dat’s da plan!
Track Name: Good Bye (feat. Довгий Пес)
Good bye! i gotta move wit them better things
and sorry's kinda hard word but um not Sting
i won't sing. just forgive me for everything
but i don't need that shit in my life... Good bye!

Yo i don' need u in my life no more
cause um so sure dis shit ain't what my life goes for
i'll... slam that door drop them keys on the board
and never ever gon' be runnin through this corridor
um free now! it is new, better me now
i'd neva felt this way if i neva had a beatdown
But then i did found reasons dat'll make me stronger
so i ain tryin to depend of circumstances no longer
and if um wrong i .... will not regret it
cuz uma bout to change whole lotta and um so ready
instead of being dead horse be my inner force
and i guarantee i'll sit back and reminisce you ofcourse
but now it's time to leave my losses behind
in my previous life and if it's possible be kind
do not remind me of a past like an echoe
cause i ain' hearin that call... uma let go