День Сурка (Single)

by Den da Funk feat. Drud & Dee the Conscious One



Produced by DJ Jeremy Star for Den da Funk album The Trip of Hanuman.
Scratch by DJ Jeremy Star


U know that feeling
when u on top and u won’t stop cause u so up
on another level playin gods fightin devils
Same as the rebels throwin fire when the risk is higher
Maan! u won’t deny yo own natural desire

But ya’ll be takin this way too serious tho
Givin so much hate on some delirious notes
And them quotes! Every day u flip yo whole life creed
Or quick to judge a peeps for some fucked up dids

Dats a fucked up shit. But i just have to call it
Self dest-ruc-tion. Cause all y'all do is fallin ... if
Workin hard ain't a value no more
Then please stop this planet um about to jump off

Come on! I even wonder why u listen to this ?
Go home and spend some time with yo kids, maaan

No pain no gain, ya’ll betta quit trippin! Word up!


released January 26, 2017



all rights reserved


Dee the Conscious One Ukraine

Mad Cypha - crew formed in early 2005. Currently operating within 2 emcees: Dee the Conscious One (formerly D.E.C.) and Dead Laim. Over the years of work members produced 5 videos, 10 audio releases, participated in dozens of festivals, appeared on numerous events of various sizes. Organized the Ukrainian festival «Underground» and International Hip Hop festival «Represent». ... more

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